UNICO meeting

Updates from the UNICO organization:

Subject: Upcoming UNICO Meeting
From: joann@bellastanzainteriors.net
Date: Mon, May 12, 2008 11:20 am

Ciao Everyone ~

I hope this email finds all of you happy and healthy. Hopefully, all of you have saved the date for our next meeting on Monday, May 19, one week from today! We will be gathering at De Nicola's Restaurant, 3520 SE Powell Boulevard, Portland, 503.239.5220, at 7 o'clock in the evening. There is a private room toward the back of the restaurant that will work well for us. Many of you are already familiar with DeNicolas since this is where the first UNICO meeting was held! I will order some pizzas for us, and anyone who is interested can just donate $5. There is also the option of ordering whatever you want off the menu, or of course, not eating at all. Everyone can handle their individual drink orders - many options to choose from. There will also be cake in honor of April and May birthdays! As always, please feel free to invite guests/prospective members.

One of the main items on the agenda will be electing a Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, so that I can submit those names to UNICO National before our Charter Night. Since this our first "election" it will be somewhat casual and informal. Depending on how many candidates are interested in each position, i.e., if there is more than one person for each position, we will vote by secret ballot. If there is only one candidate for each position, that person will be elected by default without due process of voting! If you are interested in any of the positions, please let me know before the 19th. Below is a brief description of the positions.

Speaking of the Charter Night, I want to remind everyone of the date, time and location. It will be on Saturday, June 21 at Ernesto's Italian Restaurant, 8544 SW Apple Way, Beaverton at 6:00 in the evening. It is shaping up to be a great evening. We will have John English, "th e voice" of Frank Sinatra performing, officers of UNICO from New Jersey and California attending, and a Raffle and Auction, as well as a great dinner. Several people from other Italian organizations have approached me to express interest in attending as well - Yay! we are being recognized! Everyone is encouraged to invite family and friends. At the meeting, I will have invitations printed up to distribute, so that you can extend a formal invitation to those you want to invite. Of course, we will discuss this topic more in-depth at the meeting!

As you can see, there is much going on, so please try to attend the meeting if possible. Please r.s.v.p. to me at your convenience either by email or phone - 503.481.1119. Grazie Mille!!!


VICE-PRESIDENT: The Vice-President will be responsible for taking over the role of the President if unforeseen circumstances should arise wherein the President can no longer fulfill the obligation, or cannot attend a meeting. In addition, the Vice-President will assist the President with routine activities such as planning events, fundraisers, and meetings. The Vice-President will also be consulted, if necessary, on any matters and decisions that require advice by the President.

SECRETARY: The main function of the Secretary is to take minutes/notes of each meeting, compose them in a concise, written form for the record, and review them with members at the beginning of the following meeting.

TREASURER: The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the Chapter's checking account, handling accounts payable and receivable, and keeping a detailed ledger of all financial transactions. The Treasurer will also give a brief update/report on the financial status of the Chapter at meetings as well.


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