Scuola Italiana: Winter 2008

In January you will receive information about how to register for our new term, starting on February 2nd to June 8th.

Following the American school calendar, we will have no school on spring break week (including Easter weekend, on March 23rd), and on Memorial day weekend.

Language classes will be held as follows:

- Advanced 3-5 years old: Saturday, 10-12 noon

- Advanced 6-8 years old: Saturday, 2-4 pm

- Beginners 3-5 years old: Sunday, 10-12 noon OR Mon-Wed 3:30-4:30 OR Tue-Thu 3:30-4:30
(please mark a second choice in case your group is full)

- Beginners 6-8 years old: Sunday 2-4 pm

All language classes will be held at the International School:

Preschool will be on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the;Augustana Lutheran Church,2710 NE 14th Ave;Portland, OR 97212.

Prices will remain the same for the tuition, no registration fee this time (a registration fee of $ 75 will be required only for new students).


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